What is a NFT

NFTs (Non Fungibles Tokens) are certificates of ownership of the works. Guaranteed by the security of the Blockchain, they also represent a cryptographic certificate of authenticity, which no one can falsify. Whoever buys the NFT of an artist's work becomes the sole owner of all the rights to that work and can resell it at any time, from anywhere in the world and for any amount.

How to buy

To purchase an NFT it is necessary to have a CRYP CURRENCY, in this case Binance Coin (BNB) that can be purchased on an EXCHANGE. It will then be necessary to send the Binance Coin to a digital wallet, the WALLET, one of the most used is METAMASK (you can open yours from the Google Chrome extensions) and through this you can buy the NFTs on any platform. The NFT will be deposited on your Wallet and will constitute title of ownership of the work it represents.

Open an exchange account

Exchanges are centralized platforms that, just like a bank, allow you to open an account, but in Cryptocurrency. The main exchanges are and The first step will then be to open your account on one of these two sites, go through the signup process and send money from your bank account or credit / debit card to your Exchange account.

Open your wallet

There are several Wallets (decentralized wallets) one of the most famous and used is METAMASK, it is an extension of Google Chrome. Once you have created your Account, you can send Binance Coin from your Exchange account address to your Metamask address.